Guidelines for Foreign Tourists

Government of Pakistan Ministry of Interior

GUIDELINES FOR Foreign Tourists

We extend a warm welcome to our Tourists and wish you a very happy and comfortable stay in Pakistan. we are committed to security of all Tourists in Pakistan. Let us inform you that Pakistan has entirely different working environment / culture.

Following guidelines will help you in understanding the environment, religious values and social / cultural norms of our country. You are expected to follow these guidelines and help us make your stay safe and sound.

1. Understanding Law of the Land

A. You are expected to show due respect for the law of land and the persons responsible for implementation of law.

B. We will appreciate if you adopt proper procedure to report the problem areas and your reservations, if any.

C. You are requested to cooperate with security forces under all circumstances.

D. Visit to prohibited areas must be avoided.

E. Move out without proper security arrangements under any circumstances must be avoided.

2. Security Guidelines.

Security aspects must be factored into the planning process of projects.

A. Hiring of Accommodation.

① Always select a standard accommodation (house / hotel) in areas already security wise cleared by local district administration / intelligence agencies.

② Please furnish necessary information to local civil administration / security elements / Ministry of Interior before hiring any accommodation for prolonged stay.

③ While selecting the accommodation, preference must go to security aspects instead of economical rats.

④ Accommodation of registered owners be hired in consultation with the district administration / intelligence agencies for your own security.

B. Hiring of Workforce.

① No person without proper security clearance / verification should be employed.

② Bulk of the labour should preferably be hired from the area where project is located.

③ Employment of local female for household works with single individuals is not  desired / appreciated here in Pakistan.

④ Particulars of all individuals employed at projects or residential areas should be maintained and shared with Civil Administration / Security Forces / Mol.

⑤ For your own safety , no unauthorized / unverified tourist guide should be hired.

C. Security Arrangements for Accommodation.

① Preferably accommodation be within or co-located to the project site.

② Accommodation be selected in consultation with civil administration.

③ Hiring of accommodation of reputable locals will facilitate your comfortable stay.

④ Security parameters laid down in National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) be followed.

⑤ In order to avoid complications at later stage, ensure proper contract deed with tenants, while hiring a house.

D. Coordination of Move / Security During Move.

① Move plan should be well coordinated and shared with minimum essential personnel.

② Efforts should be made to avoid move in piecemeal / penny packets.

3. Security Aspects.

A. DO’s.

③ Treat the soldier / policeman with due respect and courtesy. There are there to  protect you.

④ Inform all concerned in time, about your arrival in Pakistan.

⑤ Always move with escort and in coordination with security elements.

⑥ Hire doctor through project management for treatment.

⑦ Ensure that all labour is citizen of Pakistan and in possession of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

⑧ Obtain NOC before visiting restricted areas . FATA, AJ&K, Baluchistan etcetera) well in time.


① Don’t visit cantonments without prior permission.

② Don’t directly confront / talk with soldiers about any issue, rather contact security  officer.

③ Don’t carry any short of weapon / arms; we would look after your security.

④ Don’t manhandle or abuse labour.

⑤ Don’t share information of respective duty site on social media.

⑥ Don’t hide / cover  up colleagues involved in unwanted activities.

⑦ Never share information of organizational aspects with local labour.

4. Religious Aspects.

A. DO’s.

⑧ We would appreciate , if you provide all opportunities to your labour.

⑨ Special break / half day on Friday for Jumma prayers is a religious requirement, therefore, you should honor it.


① Avoid visiting inside mosques / religious places.

② Avoid religious gatherings/ congregations.

③ Don’t invite locals in your religious activities.

④ Avoid eating / drinking publicly in the holy month of Ramadan.

⑤ Avoid religious discussions gatherings / congregations. Do not show any  appreciation / support for any kind of religion sect.

⑥ No display of objectionable print / electronic material in public.

⑦ No playing of music during the time of holy call (AZAN) or during collective prayer timings.

5. Social / Culture Aspects.

A. DO’s

⑧ Polite behavior with people around you will always be appreciated.

⑨ Security persons around you are there to protect you, therefore they deserve due respect from you.

⑩ Always are formal / full dress while going in public.

⑪ Keep respectable / acceptable distance from ladies. Ensure gender respect.

B. DON’Ts.

① Don’t use public transport / Taxi / Train without advice of security management.

② Don’t invite security personnel from meals.

③ Political discussions or hard criticism on issues within country and other countries should be avoided.

④ Asking personal questions from locals / security personnel is not liked.

⑤ Drinking alcohol in public is religiously forbidden and socially unacceptable in  Pakistan, therefore avoid it.

⑥ Avoid shaking hand with ladies. Gesture of nodding head is a common practice.

⑦ Avoid affection / intimacy with females in public.

⑧ Don’t invite people around you for drinking alcohol.

⑨ You are expected not to ask for non halal items  eatables from people around you.

⑩ Don’t indulge in personal relations with locals.

⑪ Don’t pass any remarks to locals which may be mistaken / misinterpreted.

⑫ Don’t visit the residences of locals for socializing.

⑬ Don’t change dress or take a bath in open except designated places (i.e swimming pool etc).

⑭ Don’t urinate in open / standing being unethical.

⑮ Avoid blaming Pakistan Nationals for any theft, until proven.

⑯ Don’t buy land / house unless authorized by the Government of Pakistan.

⑰ Don’t involve inside business / Marketing other than the purpose for which visa is issued.

⑱ Don’t hunt animals in the area.

⑲ No ‘lips / incentives’ should be given to employees other than the prescribed.

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